Zuul is a free, open source web application which can be used to centralize and manage configuration for your internal applications. It enables your operations team to control changes and your developers a centralized place to organize settings.

  • Zuul 1.5 ReleasedSun Feb 10 2013

    by Mike Cantrell

    This release was a mainly a refactoring of the domain model to support future features such as configuration mash-ups and links. It does provide a few new features though:

    • You can now rename settings groups
    • Settings can also be grouped into folders within the top navigation to help organize large numbers of configurations
    • Minor UI fixes and improvements

    Since there were significant changes to the domain model, please be sure to backup your database prior to migration.

  • Zuul 1.4 ReleasedTue Jan 22 2013

    by Mike Cantrell

    Adds PGP encryption support as well as more secure auditing. Auditing changes:

    • Audits encryption and decryption operations but does not records values
    • You can now encrypt values before they are added
  • Zuul 1.3 ReleasedSun Jan 06 2013

    by Mike Cantrell

    Zuul 1.3 is now available with enhanced encryption support. Stronger algorithms are now available:

    • AES
    • Triple DES

    The JCE Unlimited Strength Policy Files are now required as part of the installation.

  • Zuul 1.2 ReleasedMon Dec 17 2012

    by Mike Cantrell

    Zuul 1.2 has been released with the following new features:

    • Support for restricting environments
    • Easier LDAP configuration
    • UI Improvements to the Environment Admin Page
  • Zuul 1.1 ReleasedThu Nov 29 2012

    by Mike Cantrell

    Zuul 1.1 has been released with the following new features:

    • Change auditing
    • Search
    • Gravatar Icons
    • UI Improvement
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